Warzone Pandorax is a clash between Abaddon and the Chaos Space Marines against the Imperial Forces, the Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and the Imperial Guard. Lots of fun are in these formations including, the Brass Scorpion of Khorne and the Khorne Tower of Skulls. Lots of fun.

Pandorax was released only the collectors edition release of Apocalypse. So most of us have to wait for several months until the next Warzone comes out. In that spirit, I thought we could take a look at each formation in the warzone, and get an overview of what the unit can do.

Pandorax Warzone 
(68 pages)
Dark Angels vs. Chaos Space Marines
4 Missions
9 Strategic Assets
Finest Hours for Abaddon, Azreal and Col.Strike

Warning: These are not complete rules for any listing, but is just enough to give readers an idea of what each formation is designed for. Very Incomplete listings. 

Chaos Space Marines
The Chosen of Abaddon: 3-5 Lords or Sorcerers, 1 Chosen or Terminators unit for each Chaos Lord or Sorceror
Each Lord or Sorceror gets a boon, and Abaddon radiates fearless around him.

Deamon Engine Pack: 3-5 Forgefiends/Maulerfiends
Preferred Enemy, Can use a Warpsmith's WS and BS

Great Brass Scorpion of Khorne (superheavy walker)
Demolisher Cannon, Hellmaw Cannon, and Scorpion Cannon

The Hounds of Huron: 1 Lord, 5+ Biker Squads
Can charge after turbo boosting

Khorne Tower of Skulls (superheavy vehicle)
Balemaw Cannon, Doomfire Cannon, Skullreaper Cannon, Skullshreddar

Maelstrom of Gore: Lord or Kharne, 8 Khorne Berserker units
Gives fleet and move through cover and adds to charge moves

Plaguereaper of Nurgle (superheavy vehicle)
Pus Cannon, Demolisher Cannon, Heavy bolter, Lascannon

Trinity of Blood: 3 Khorne Lord of Skulls
Rage, Wounds in the World

Daemonic Forgehost: 3-5 Soul Grinders
Guided Deepstrike, Can charge after deepstriking.

Imperial Guard
Deathstrike Vortex Missile Battery: 3-5 Deathstrike Missile Launchers
Fires a Vortex Missile once per turn

'Emperor's Mercy' Commissariat Squad: 1 Lord Commissar, 3+ Commissars
Extended Aura of Discipline and Summary execution to nearby units

Storm Trooper Mission Elite: 2+ StormTrooper squads, Valkerie for each
Stormtroopers can shoot run and then shoot again.

Traitor's Bane (Hellhammer) (superheavy vehicle)
Gains Stealth and more

Xerexes Airborne Support Wing: 3-5 Valkeries with Missile Pods
Can combine fire into apocalyptic barrage

Marauder Bomber (superheavy flyer)
Heavy bolter, Hellstorm bomb, Lascannon, bomb rack

Warhound Hunting Pack: 2 Warhounds

Dark Angels
Talon of Vengeance: 2-4 Dark Talons, 1 Nephilim Jetfighter
Stasis bombs can trap units in a stasis prison

Thunderhead Squadron: 3 Darkshrouds, 1+ LS Vengeance, 1+ LS Suppoer Squadron
blocks line of sight through squadron, shrouded

Grey Knights
Assassinorum Murder Squad: 1 Vindicare, 1 Culexus, 1 Eversor, 1 Calidus
FNP 5+, extra wounds and each assassin is upgraded.
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