The Warhammer 40k Digital Rulebook just went up for pre-order on ibooks to be released on th 20th of this month. Just the basic rulebook, no frills, but exactly what a lot of people are looking for. I for one, am very interested in on how the wording of Puppetmaster is in the digital rulebook. (would very much solve the issue).

A big thanks to the following guys for helping us all stay on top of what is going on. Don't forget to check out their blogs as well (well placed plug).

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Just went up for preorder on iBooks - rules only, minimal/no fluff or hobby sections. £24.99. Released on the 20th, same as Farsight.

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The iPad 40k rules sample has a full glossary.‏
Since I can not find any glossary in any other sample ibooks, I feel this may be a mistake from GW.

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