It now seems that someone with the book and willing to talk is now leaking early information regarding the Apocalypse book. With that some of the questions that the community has been wanting to know are now answered.

Titans, Super Heavy Vehicles, and more are answered below.

Please remember that these are still considered rumors, until we get the book in hand.

via Loken on Apocalypse 40k
I got to ask someone with an Apocalypse Rulebook some questions.  Here is the first of them along with answers straight from the Rulebook

1)  What Titans are in the book?
Phantom, Revenant.  Imperial Reaver and Warhound.  Harridan and Hierophant Bio-titan for tyranids.  The imperial reaver and warhound are in the warzone armageddon section, so maybe there's some more in the limited edition warzone?

2) What about Flank March?
Use this strategic asset when an Apocalypse Formation enters play from strategic reserve.  That formation may enter play from any table edge.

3) Explain how Super Heavy Vehicles work.
Structure points are removed, only Hullpoints now, but for old models 1 structure is 3 hullpoints.  They're immune to shaken/stunned/weapon destroyed/immobilised.  An explode result removes an extra D3 hull points.  When it loses the last hull point it always explodes, there's a table with how bad the explosion is.  Basically:

Roll a D6
1= D/4/2 AP2/4/6
2-3= D/8/4 Ap2/3/5
6=D/10/5 AP2/3/4

I'll explain why there are so many numbers.  You use the 15" template for this. for the the inner circle (5"), 2nd circle you use 2nd (5"-10") and last number for 10"-15"

There are some weapons that work like that aswell.

Movement 6", walkers 12".

4)  Explain the Destroyer Weapons Table.
You roll on the table instead of rolling to wound or armour penetration.  No saves of any kind (even invulnerable, Feel No Pain or Necron Reanimation Protocols) can be taken against them now.

vs vehicles D6 roll:
1= target suffers penetrating hit.
2-5 Super heavies lose D3+1 hull points, other normal vehicles suffer
Explode! result.
6= as above but D6 +6 hull points lost for super heavies.

vs non-vehicle D6 roll:
1= avoid shot
2-5 model loses D3+1 wounds (I like this as monstrous creatures can
survive 2 or 3 shots now so daemons and tyranids will be happy)
6= D6+6 wounds

The last table count for gargantuan creatures as well.
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