Apocalypse is only seven days from being released, and included in the Apocalypse book is the first Warzone release: Armageddon. So what are Warzones and what will be in them. Lets first look at some inside information and then discuss.

Warzones are self contained supplements that go into the famous campaigns found in the background of Warhammer 40k. Armageddon is the first of these, and is included in the Apocalypse book.

The inside info (anonymous source)
Armageddon contains the history, locations, and battles that can be played from the second Armageddon War. 

this Warzone will include:
unique natural disasters, 
3 scenarios, 
9 strategic assests,
19 Apocalypse Formations

This is the first Warzone, and more will be released in the coming months

A lot of people have been concerned about their favorite formations being lost, or there just is not enough of them. The way to look at Warzones, is that these will be supplements that will add a lot of things to 40k apocalypse, including new formations. Armageddon will include 19 formations inside its pages of the Apocalypse book, and you can expect that future releases (coming soon) will include many more as well. There is even a Warzone page already set up on the Games Workshop site.

The point is, look forward to a lot more formations being added to Apocalypse very easily and quickly with these stand alone supplements. The new format for releasing and updating Apocalypse is already set up for new Warzones, and it will easily surpass the Apocalypse of old.
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