Something as easy as a new release not on sprues can sometimes send us off and into unknown directions as we start talking about changes, and conspiracies. That's just sometimes how rumors go, and I have seen a lot of talk about the new fortifications, and even some wild speculations. So what is the answer?

Speculations circulating..........
This is a new plastic and is a test run for Forgeworld who is moving to plastic
There were just too many errors in the molding process, this was a quick fix
More products will be sold this way, and its tied into GW moving into the bits selling market 

Sometimes we just can't help it I suppose. So whats the real answer? I found out.
the fortifications aren't on sprues to reduce box size.

There ya go. Not very sexy, but it did make me laugh out loud a little.

Time for some sleep.
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