On Wednesday we did a large QnA session, and a lot of answers as to what is in the Apocalypse book were revealed. In fact there were a ton of good questions asked, and a lot of answers. We are now less than 24 hours away from the release of Apocalypse, so get ready for some huge battles.

This was a lot of fun, and I want to thank our guest for coming in and answering these questions. For the most part everyone was on their best behavior for our guest, with only a few idiots that showed up afterwards. (next time I will be quicker to remove the anonymous posters to put a stop to the trolls).

Apocalypse Question and Answers
Does the sons of the primarc affect sucsessors or only the big 18.
Yes. That's detailed under the "2nd Founding" section on a separate page.
there's a 2nd founding section, so you just choose the chapter successor you are from and use that, if you cant decide you use the ultramarines one

So, what does the Firestorm Redout look like with its two quad lascannons? Is it another AV14 bunker with multiple (I'm guessing) interceptor lascannons or the like?
To be honest I cant find any rules for it in the book, there's a formation to combine 3 of them together to do a very strong attack (escpecially against flyers as it had skyfire and interceptor and they cant use evade)

whats the rules on vehicle damage chart and super heavies?
Super heavies ignore shaken/stunned/immobilised/weapon destroyed, for explode they take an extra D3 hull points damage.

Tesseract Vault. Any unique rules, armour values. Also describe some of its powers too if you can. And maybe give a general point cost.
Tesseract vault - 14AV all around. Points cost is 315 but can double up delending on what powers you choose (up to 2). One of them is a 48" S8 AP3 Heavy 6D6 attack, another is a hellstorm template S:D ap1.

 for the Obelisk too. How does its gravation pulse work and how strong is it.
Obelisk gravity pulse: all flyers or skimmer within 24" suffer a S8 Ap4 on the side armour. Also has four weapons (the tesla spheres at the corners)

Is there any mention of superhevies and the like that were left out, such as the Plaguereaper
Nothing about the missing ones, remember we'll be seeing the new Imperial armour apocalypse soon though so there might be something new there.

What does the big formation of Wraithknights do?
For each wraithknight there is in the formation you add that number to their movement, charge range, WS and BS, so if you have 5 thats +5 to all the things I mentioned. Doesnt need to be close together.

What does the big formation with all the Necron Monoliths do?
The baleful necroplis consists of 8 monoliths and 1 tesseract vault. The vault will have an extra S:D weapon and each monolith close to it can increase it's range. Any monolith close to the vault also gets it will not die and 6+ inv and then increases upo to 4+ inv depending on how many monoliths are close.

Is there anything for the Sisters of Battle?
Not Imperium General, but Sister of Battle Specific.
Nothing for Sisters of battle.

Alright, so how is the "everyone can take super heavies" thing actually work?
You can use anythign on your army, so if you want to use a tau army with a tesseract vault and a lord of skulls you can do that, there's no restrictions at all.

And because it's 1 question per, here's my second: do Sisters get anything in the book outside of access to the Imperium's Divine Intervention?
Nothing about the Sisters in the book.

What do the sons of Vulkan do during there finest hour?
Warlord's melee attacks are S:10 and all weapons use by him gain concussive and strikedown

What does the ravenwing formation do?
Ranges of Icon of the Old Caliban and shround of the angels is doubled. Once per game all the formation can turbo boost and shoot as well.

What does Strikedown do?
It's a normal special rule from the 40k rulebook :)

What do the tau strategic assest do and what about thier formations
there's 7 formations for Tau so here's one of them: Air auperiority wing, 3-5 razorsharks. +1 to hit vs flyers, super heavy flyers jetbikes, skimmers, flying monsters, flying gargantuans.

Also as long as one model from the foramtion is on the table you gain an extra D3 markerlight tokens to place on any enemy on the table.

And here's a strategic asset:It's a shooting attack done by the warlord, infinite range, S1, Ap1, ordnance 1, 10" blast fleshbane, ignores covere, requires you to spend a victory point to charge it though.

Is that a typo or something?
Fleshbane wounds on a 2+ anyways. Chill.

What's your favorite strategic asset?
Read through them but wont get a favourite until I play a few games :) all armies have access to some good ones.

Trophy kill is nice, you get 3 extra victory points for killing a particular warlord (and if he's the warmaster you get 4 in total)

What does the battle company space marine formation do?
Is there a restriction on how many of which formations you can take?
No restrictions.
battle company: counter attack for all. They can overwatch if a friendly unit gets charged within 12" similar to the Tau's supporting fire. Units within 12" of an objective have stubborn. You also get the Orbital strike strategic asset for free

do Reserve Companies have any differet rules?
Dont see any formation for reserve companies.

Is there any limitations (outside of points) to what your army can field? Could I say, field and army entirely of Warlord titans if I wanted?
Yes you could, as everything is scoring now, even independent characters and super heavies etc

How many hull points does a Tesseract Vault have and what is the Sky of Falling Stars rule in the White Dwarf.
9HP, sky of falling stars is the 2nd cheapest ability, its a shooting attack, 48", S7, Ap3, Primary weapon 6, apocalyptic barrage
What's the most expensive?
48", S8, ap3, heavy 6D6

What does the infinite phalanx do for Necrons?
They all get fearless and relentless. They all form a single unit. If its more than 100 necrons they gain fear. If theres 100 models they pass reanimation on 4+, if 150 on 3+

what does the thousand sons war coven formation do ? (I guess it's a psychic choir but I hope there's an additionnal something)
It is a psychic choir. Warp charge 2 witchfure power. S:D ap1 assault X, blast lifedrain vortex.
Each time you use it remove 3 mastery level 1 sorcerers and X is the number of sorcerers removed (can remove more).

Thanks ! Hmmmm, so it's a witchfire power ... Could that possibly means that Ahriman can cast up to 3 of these / turn ? ;)
Made me check twice there as that's an interesting question, but unfortunately you can only use the power once per turn.

Anything go over 9 Hull Points?
Eldar phantom titan is 24hp, and any old rules form imperial armour is structure points x3, so highest right now I think is the tau manta with 30

What does the librarious formation do and can they be on bikes?
Doesnt say if they can be on bikes or not, guess they can. They get a very powerful S:D large blast warp charge 4 attack
It says the models in a formation can choose any eligible upgrade, including things like dedicated transports, so bikes shouldn't be a problem

What are the rules for Strategic Reserves?
Flyers and deep strike can arrive on the 1st turn, fast vehicles from turn 2, anything else at a scheduled break.

Are there any rules for old fortifications? Eg; Fortress of Redemtion, Bastion
No there arent, rules are in the 40k rulebook so those still apply

What models have to and what models can be included in Ravenwing/Deathwing formations?
What are the rules and cost of Ravenwing one?
Deathwing - belial 6 terminator squads, 4 deathwing knight squads.
Ravenwing - 5 ravenwing attack squadrons at full strength, 1 black knights, 1+ ravenshroud, ability already replied in above comment.
And no formation costs anything.

What does the Eldar Windrider Host formation consist of/grant?
1 autarch, 2 windrider squads, 1 vyper. 3+ units from the following list - farseer, warlock council, windriders, vypers. they all get scout. All from formation that are within 18" of autach re-rol failed to wound and armour penetration when using shuriken catapults/cannons

Can you tell us anything about the nid stuff? I have to admit I'm very curious about our bio-titans.
barbed hierdule, Harridan and hierophant bio-titan are in, they cost less than before i think, titan at least 250 points less.

Is there a section on scratch-building and custom rules like the old book?
There a few pages with suggestions and stuff like that.

Anything on the tyranid gargantuan creatures and what there like?
Answered above, the bio-cannon is now the same for all of them, 48", S10, ap3, assault 6.

what does the great promenade of exquisite excess do?
formation must arrive by deep strike and are allowed to charge that turn. rending on 4+.

What dose the optimised stealth group, counter strike cadre and skysweep missle defence formations do?
Counterstrike - if shooting at enemey eithin 12" of objective can re-roll to hit. In the first turn vehicles in formation count as fast.
Stealth: halves the range they need to be close to the enemy when inflitrating and when shooting they have ignores cover.
Skysweep: gunships within 12" of the command vehicle can shoot any number of missiles per turn. All tau units within 60" of the command vehicle have shrouded against flyers/flying monsters/gargantuans etc

What does the Tzeentch flaming formation (daemons) do ? Thanks for your reply :)
They get to roll on a table with 4 dierrent results, 3-4 for example is inv save improved by 2, last one is a nasty attack.

What does the new green tide do?
All models need to be on foot, they form 1 big unit, and can use waaaagh each turn, they also roll an extra D6 for charge range and choose highest

What do the Tyranid Carnifex Crusher Brood and the Endless Swarm formations consist of/grant?
carnifexes can combine bio-plasma attack using the hellstorm template.
Endless swarm - makes it hard for the enemy to shoot them so they end up shooting snap shots at them most of the time. A single unit can be returned after each break.

What's the special rules for the death company formation
They get +A deneding on turn number when they charge, so charging on turn 4 will give them +4Attacks each.

What's the Chaos Daemon Cohort of Blood like?
Instant death on rolls of 6 to wound. All of the formation has +1 S and fleet. you need 8 units of bloodletters 1+ heralds and skulltaker.

Any campaign rules other than Armageddon.
Only armageddon in the normal book, there's another campaign in the limited edition version.

Is the Strategic Redeployment asset still around?
No thats gone.

What is the profile of the Vulcan Mega Bolter (Warhound titan)
60" S6 ap3 Heavy 15

I am really interested in the 'The War Council of Mandragora'-formation.
It's a bit complicated, there 6 conditions to be met, you roll 3 dice to see which ones you need to achieve, each one that you do grants you a strategic asset but you have to do them in the order rolled. If you complete all 3 you get D3 victory points so it's a nice formation.

What is the speciality of the Grey Knight formation with 3x Nemesis Dread Knights?
You pick one dreadknight to be the special one, while they're within 12" of that dreadknight the others have shred.

Do you know the profile of the Tyranid Harridan?
4/3/10/8/8/3/4/10 3+ save, 2 bio cannons, scything talons

That's all for today people, enjoy the info and get ready for some big fights.

Information that Came after the QnA
no idea on accuracy beyond this point
Superheavy's cannot have their armour reduced by any means. Basically its unaffected by entropic strike!

Necron Phalanx formation:
10 squads of Necron warriors
If it numbers 100 or more, reanimation protocols are 4+
If it numbers 150 or more, reanimation protocols are 3+
Cannot be improved by other means...

Thunderhawk gunship is 685 points (I think)
Armour 12 front and side, less on rear.
Ceramite armour and 9 hull points
Superheavy flier

Eldar Phantom Titan is 2500 points and has 24 hull points!

Could you explain how "Brakes" work - when are Brakes after both Players rounds? (i can put back one unit of lost and damned back to game "each break"...
Breaks are agreed upon times to stop and have a break eg lunchtime or dinner etc
Also at this point you total up the SVP to see how the game is going.

If someone could please tell me what units are in the Legionnaire Warband (im confused by GW's one click bundle as there is only 1 aspiring champion) and what if any wargear restrictions they have, I.E Can the terminators take Landraiders as dedicated transports, can you take Daemonic artifacts for your HQ's etc.
Most formations allow you to pick any codex legal option for the models included. That includes dedicated transports. A few require a specific one- like drop pods.

I would really like to know about the Imperial Guard formation. How many do they have? Any unique rules?
Atleast 12 from memory. The guy from the 13nth black crusade- creed?- gives you extra stratagems wich is pretty awesome. Fewer D-weapons than before.

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