The new fortifications that just came out have the rules for both Apocalypse and standard 40k in the box. Reports are now coming in about exactly what these things are. So here is what is being said.

It looks so far that Firestorm Redoubt cannot be manned, and if this is true this fortification will have some issues being part of the game. (my first impression of unmanned BS2 guns is not very high).

via Bols Lounge
Aquilla Strongpoint
Classification: Massive fortifications (Medium building w/battlements + Large building w/battlements) [APOCALYPSE UNIT]
Cost: 2 Land Raiders & a Rhino
Access Points: Per model
Fire Points: Per model
Rules: Macro Cannon, or Vortex Missile Battery
Macro cannon:
-Macro Shell: 72" S: D AP:1 Primary weapon 2, Large Blast
-Quake Shell: 180" S: 10/7/5 AP:1/4/6 Primary weapon 1, Apocalypse Mega-blast, Sonic-boom
Sonic boom: (simplified: draw a line from the cannon to the center of the template, any flyers, flying monstrous creatures, gargantuan flying gargantuans on the line roll a d6, crash and burn on a 1)
Vortex Missile Battery:
-Vortex Missile: Infinite range, S: D AP:1 Ordinance 1, Large blast, Vortex

Firestorm Redoubt
Classification: Medium bunker [STANDARD FORTIFICATION]
Cost: 2x Thunderfire Cannons
AV: 14
Access Points: As modeled (3)
Fire Points: 1
Rules: Medium sized Bunker, and two quad lascanons. The quad lascanons are 2 shot linked Icarus lascanons. They are able to independently fire and are not target-able separate from the redoubt, however they are always fired automatically, (BS:2 CANNOT be manned) however they automatically fire at the closest flying monstrous creature or flier if one is available.

Vengeance Weapons Battery
Classification: Impassable Building [STANDARD FORTIFICATION]
Cost: 1 Space Marine Scout Squad
AV: 14
Access Points: 0
Fire Points: 0
Weapon: Punisher Gatling Cannon (24" S5 Ap- Heavy 20)
Rules: Automated Fire without being occupied.
-Add another Battery for same cost as first
-Upgrade Gatling Cannon to Battle Cannon for cost of 1 Ratling sniper

It looks like the Vengeance Weapons Battery is very usable, since from what I have seen it does not have to be on auto fire.

While right now we are relying upon peoples reading of the rules, I am very interested in seeing a pic of each set that is clearly readable. (ive seen ones that are not very clear or page is turned so you cannot read the entire page.) These fortifications are something I am interested in getting, but wont go down that road until I know more about them.

If you have it, or know where there is a better pic of the rules..... please link up or send to
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