Whispers of Wood Elves are coming, and with it, saying that they very well could be added to our release list for Warhammer Fantasy. After all I know that Wood Elves are one of those armies that really could use an update, and are an army that I myself am interested in.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Stickmonkey on Bols Lounge
Wood Elves have a massive update coming. And they will be fine in the current and next edition with it.
I expect them late spring 2014.

Some of what Ive heard is:
Still a major guerrilla tactics army. Skirmishers are still prevalent.

New giant Treekin dual unit.

New Stag Monstrous Cavalry unit.

Best archers in the game.

Dryads having abilities to manipulate enemy unit structure.

New mpp wild rider kit

New mpp wardancer/waywatcher kit

Wardancers causing rank bonus to work against enemy.

New hawkriders kit.

WE wizards (spellsingers) have spells that manipulate environment, including making a new grove of trees and one causing an enemy unit to enter combat with the ground/terrain

WE have significant benefits within woods both stationary and moving.

Tree units able to start hidden in wooded terrain.

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