Codex supplements are a huge hit in my book. I want them all to be honest, as the background information is good. I know most people only want their own personal factions within their codices to get a supplement, so I thought it was time to do a quick list of the ones that I have heard are in the works.

Please remember that this is based off of rumors, a most of them very solid,

Rumors (italics are known or already released information)
Farsight Enclave: Digital: Already Released, Print: October
The Black Legion- Digital: August, Print: October or later
White Scars: September
Ravenguard: This year

Ultramarines: Q1 2014
Beil-Tan: Q1 2014
Tau Mercanaries: Q1 2014
Saim-Hann: Q2? or later
Catachan: Unkown

Those are the rumored codex supplements as we speak. As I get more information of course I will get to you.

The following are a series of my own personal speculations. Please note that there are no rumors yet pointing these directions. Journalistic speculation follows:

I expect that supplements for the following supplements to fit within the above timelines.
Orks, possibly speed freaks
Tyranids: Hive Fleet Behemoth (the hive fleet that fought the Battle of Macragge)
Chaos Marines: I expect another supplement. Not sure of its direction. (Night Lords Please)
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