Next up we have the video Games Workshop released on Vehicles and interactive terrain. Some of the information is new to me, like ammo dumps providing twin linked shots etc...

via Games Workshop "Whats New Today"
Yesterday Adam Troke and Stu Black talked about the new rules for allies and flyers in Warhammer 40,000. Exciting stuff, what with all the dive-bombing and strafing runs and the fact that you can now include allied units in your army.

Today Simon Grant and Stu talk about some of the new vehicle features and how scenery will now play a much bigger part in your games. You can, for example, hide behind a big pile of barrels but, as we've all seen in the movies, barrels do have a habit of exploding when people shoot at them. Similarly, if there's a very large quad-gun on the battlefield with no operator, then it's fair game as to who can use it (If I'm lucky, my Orks might even hit something when they fire it). There is also the opportunity for you to add fortifications to your army list. So if you need a little more cover on the battlefield, then why not take an Aegis Defence Line to taker cover behind, or an Imperial Bastion in which to shelter from enemy fire. The following kits can all be used as fortifications in your games:

As for the tanks, they've now become far more dangerous than ever before. One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of Hull Points, which represents the mass of the vehicle. Simply put, the bigger and more heavily armoured the vehicle, the more Hull Points they have. Beware the Land Raider, that's all I'm going to say. The inclusion of Hull Points means that you can, potentially, take a vehicle out of action by sheer weight of fire and lucky glancing hits - a desperate tactic, but sometimes it's the only tactic left. Necron players are going to love this.

The damage chart has also changed significantly, making it much harder to destroy a vehicle outright - you're going to have to blast very large chunks out of it (repeatedly) to take them out of action. AP1 and AP2 weapons are the quickest way to turn a tank into scrap metal as they give you a bonus to your damage dice. Tau players are certainly going to enjoy their rail guns.
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