We have some early information on rules and 6th edition in general taken out of the latest White Dwarf. This is a sneak peak into some of the stuff that everyone will start seeing tomorrow and over the next few days.

Some reports are conflicting on some of the details that we have heard throughout the internet, however these are collected directly out of the White Dwarf, from different articles, battle reports, army presentation, and an introductory article regarding the goals of 6th edition

the rulebook itself
- full of fluff and coverage for things that werent coverec a lot in the past
- the goal is to make the game more "cinematic"
- end of rulebook is an overview of all weapons, powers , hull points, psi powers and more fluff (how to treat laswounds on the battlefield)

general rules
- charge range (going into cc) is 2d6, jumppacks seem to enable you to REROLL it ( or it is a special rule thing, might be BA exclusive)
- wound allocation to the closest miniatures in the unit. no info if wound groups are removed
- i might have misunderstood it but : every model counts as an individual now(like in lord of the rings?) would explain the new wound allocation.
- FOC has been EXPANDED for allies, this would mean that its still foc, not percentages
- vehicle squadrons also improve shooting -> line of sight related
- there will be many rules to bring "movie-like action scenes" to the tabletop

- "defensive fire" and "snap fire" are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things!
- "defensive fire" "additional shooting phase" for assaulted units at bs 1. NO(!!!) mention of restrictions regarding WHAT WEAPONS can be fired. the usual restrictions should apply regarding flamethrowers (no usage if own model is in line of fire)

- "snap fire" shooting after movement and hitting on a 6, lascannons (and thus all HWs) can do it. land raiders can move 6" and shoot all weapons (1 normal, 1 via machine spirit and 2 snapshots with multi-melta and storm cannon) and a stunned cybot snap fired with a

multi-melta in one of the battle reports

hull points
- cybots have 3 hull points like "battle tanks"
- land raiders, soul grinders, ghost arc have 4

- rage is renamed to berserk : +2 attacks in melee
- smash for jumpers --> going into cc directly
- monstrous creatures can halve their attacks but double the strength
- flying monstrous creatures get their ability too, flying 24", ignoring all weapons but anti-air ones and hit enemies they flew over with (str + w3 + 1)
- "GRENADE!" the unit mentioned is a sargeant throwing a grenade and destroying the enemy unit - no further info.
- "evasive manouvers" for landspeeders : +5 cover save normal +4 when boosting and at max. velocity
- forebarence : eldar runeprophets have it - usual bf for defensive fire
- grey knights scriptors can get mastery grade 3
- warlord traits can be passed to psykers (might be only related to GKs)
- sharpshooters can choose what target they hit on a 6 (necron eliminators)
- rapid fire weapons still shoot max distance after moving (possibly even the full amount of shots!)
- tesla weapons get an additional hit when throwing a 6 on the to-hit throws
- gauss weapons remove 1 hull point on a 6 at pen throws
- tau battle suits can fall back 2d6 in the melee phase
- apparently you can bodyguard all special characters (non independent ones on a +4)

- psi matrix +4 save for psi resistance on 6"
- power axe or powerfist needed to deny 2+ armor throws so they're either ap 1 or ap 2 or both ap 1 or ap 2

independent characters
- character models can - under certain circumstances - pick their target individually
- duelling like in warhammer
- "there are many possibilities for unknown heroes to gain fame and honor" possible hints to even more things to make the game more "cinematic" ?
- Warlords roll on a trait table (leadership, combat, tactics)

flyers :
- always come in as reserves
- some weapons have the "anti air" special rule
- hard to hit when flying at max distance
- fly on 2 "levels" far above ground (cant let passengers exit, but is only hittable by anti-air weaponry) and closer to the ground (easier to hit but can load out passengers)
- destroying a flyer results in debris hitting the battlefield, damaging units

terrain and battlefield itself
- mysterious forest like in warhammer - random properties when entering
- ruins are difficult terrain, +4 cover save
- thick bushes +5 cover save and difficult terrain
- imperial statue provide fearless to imperial armies in 2" (sob, sm and ig)
- fuel barrels etc +5 cover save, if it passes d6 --> 1 barrel explodes and does s3 to surrounding units
- fortress of redemption --> 220 pts
- craters +5 cover save
- modifiers for the whole battlefield like : higher or lower gravity, poisonous atmospheres
- usable ruins, artifacts that can turn the tide of battle

buildings :
- go into the deployment zone
- skyshield landing platform : arrival of reserves can be controlled
- buildings can be upgraded - communications relais and anti-air weaponry
- bastions have av 14
- tank blockers are impassable for vehicles, dangerous terrain for bikes. provide +4 cover save
- aegis defence lines provide a +4 cover save and +1 when going to ground

missions :
- six "bloody encounters" with different goals and/or objectives : "explore and hold"
-some objectives have special abilites (aiming systems, gravity wave generator) or are, for example mined (random properties?),
- some missions make certain units scoring , fast attack units or even vehicles ("big guns never rest") but turn them into 1 "win-point" when killed/destroyed
- three secondary objectives : kill the warlord , first blood, breakthrough (invading the enemies deployment zone), each is worth 1 "win-point"
- rulebook section with scenarios to inspire the players to develop their own campains and missions

allies :
- appearantly needed is 1 hq + 1 stan.

Psi :
- the chart tells us if you can take the rulebooks psi-abilities or only the ones from your codex

Extra Info:
paultwilsons post about the abhuman is absolutely right. its part of the "armies in 6th edition" presentation. right next to it is chris peachs imperial army where he used imperial pistoliers parts etc from warhammer to create a pretty cool imperial guard army! look forward to those ones! feathers and old-school helmets!

the appendix of the rulebook covers abhumans and the like

This was the post from paulwilson
There's a pic of a Beastman Imperial Guardsman "A type of abhuman designated Homo Sapien varatius in the rulebook's appendix,

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