A lot of people have noticed one thing about the upcoming allies rules..... Tyranids dont get them. So how then can tyranids compete against allied forces when they do not get them? Well take a look at this......

Please take this one with a little salt, as Tastytaste explains, he thinks this is happening, but either cannot give the details, or they are a little unclear with his source.

via Tastytaste from BoK
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For this rumor though I could end up being wrong or just missd something about how it exactly works. So let me repeat: THIS COULD END UP BEING WRONG. I just don’t have the same assurances that I have had in the past. So I with that said I would put this at 65% percent probability of being correct– if I was a betting man.

Ok, enough of me covering may ass let’s get down to the last rumor I will be having about 6th edition.

So as many of you have noticed in the leaked 6th edition pictures a little Battle Report with allies shown for each of the armies (IG/GK) and (CSM/Deamons).

With Allies are allowed to expand the Force Org chart which has been reported before, but what if I told you that wasn’t the whole story. What if you could break the FoC without having Allies…

Here is example of how it works.
I going to play my buddy which will be using IG and GK to face off against my poor little Nids. In 6th my bugs will not get Allies.

So how am I suppose to fight such a cheesy force?

Breaking the Bonds of FoC
I take 12 Hive Guard if I have to. Oh hell, let me throw in some Lictors with that as well. Oh, wait I need Ymgarls too! Now I can have it all! Well that is easy, once I fill all the “Detachment Requirements” I can now take another Detachment and a whole other set of FoC slots as needed. Detachments are not beholden to Allies it is just one of the ways you can use them. I made certain promises not to go into any more detail. I am either right or wrong, we only have one more week to find out!
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