This coming week we should be seeing some early sightings of the upcoming White Dwarf regarding 6th edition. The big mystery is what we will be happening on June 23rd. The release date for us to purchase the new rulebook is very much looking like June 30th. So what will be happening on the 23rd?

The problem is a lot of stores, both GW and Independents are giving out conflicting information. That leaves us completely in the dark on who to believe. There are stores saying they will have a store copy of the rulebook for us to preview, while others say they are only going to get a small preview of the upcoming rules changes. One thing for certain, pre-orders are likely to start on the 23rd.

Here is the lastest rumor on the subject.
via BramGaunt
Quick update, stores will probably not have a copy of the book at the 23rd. Minigames which demonstrate biggest rulechanges will available, so you can experience them. No drooling over the book, though.
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