A special limited run edition of the starter set appears to be in line for 6th Edition, as well as some details as to what the Dark Angels side of the starter set may include.

Please remember that these are rumors and give them the standard amount of salt.

via Harry
There is a special (Limited run) edition of the Starter Set.

The Dark Angel Tactical squad are not the Assault on Black Reach marines, these are new sculpts and there is Dark Angel iconography on them.

One bit I'm really not certain on is this bit, but I've had some info passed on that the Dark Angel Tactical squad includes a Sergeant with Combi Weapon and Power Sword, 7 Bolter marines, 1 with Meltagun, and 1 with Plasma Cannon. I'd frankly be surprised if this is the load out though, and it wasn't the more generic Flamer and Missile Launcher.

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