The inside scoop is here. At long last no more guessing the upcoming events, because I have now recieved from multiple sources what is going to happen. While I cannot give all the inner working details, I at least can reveal what is happening on the 23rd and a little bit more......

First off, no source is listed on the first part, because this is very much what is happening June 23rd. Source not given to protect their position.

The 23rd WILL have the new white dwarf.
and it WILL contain the new rules and changes of 6th edition.
on 23rd you WILL be able to preorder 6th ed. rulebook in your hobby centre and the release WILL be saturday 30th.

bram gaunt is most certainly right about the book not being in ANY store on 23rd.

To be clear, this set is from a different source. Names and location removed to protect source.
I just wanted to add that my local GW store in %^#%^ is going to have a midnight opening this Friday for the new white dwarf and the pre order of the 6th edition rule book which is priced at £45. There will also be a limited edition rule book priced around £75-£85 as well as dice, templates etc avalible for pre order for release on the 30th of June.

As for having the rule book for preview he has been told the store will only get it a couple of days before the release with the delivery.

This info comes from #*&($%, who has recently been to the head office in Nottingham for the breifing about 6th edition.
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