Wound allocation seems to create a lot of confusion, so when I was given the opportunity to get more details from our "source with the rulebook", who was gracious enough to answer questions for us the previous night with a QnA, I jumped at the chance. Here is the what came from that.

Some Answered Questions from the comments sections yesterday
"If the initial charger is found to be further than it's charge range from the enemy, the charge fails and no models are moved"

acute senses says that: if you arrive on random board edge you may reroll the die to determine which board edge you arrive on. this includes if you arrive by outflank
No, acute senses does not grant outflank

DISCLAIMER: everything I write is my interpretation of the rules. I have tried to quote the rules as much as possible but there is a chance that I have misunderstood a rule. Please do not be angry if I turn out to be wrong :D

I may or may not have time to answer questions after this.
I will answer more questions if they are short and do not require an in depth analysis.
I will answer more questions if there are not too many -> too many and I become discouraged :D. So only post a question if it is relevant to all please

Pile in:
A pile in move is a 3" move
At the start of each initiative step, for models of that Initiative, if it is not in base to base.
- first any models Pile in if this will bring them into base contact with the enemy

- second any models Pile In if this will bring them to within 2" of a friendly model in base contact with an enemy

- any remaining models that are not in base contact with one or more enemy models and have yet to Pile In must do so now, and must attempt to get as close as possible to one or more of the enemy units locked in combat.

must roll for dangerous terrain if applicable
when making pile in moves the player whose turn it is moves his units first

Buildings and terrain:
Terrain cannot be set on fire by flamers or anything else. However flamers still ignore cover. Certain terrain has special rules like the exploding barrels mentioned in the video. There are about 6 pages detailing different types of terrain and their rules so I will not be writing about them. Don’t ask, wait for the book

Buildings don’t use Hull points and can’t be completely destroyed. When shooting at a building: roll to hit and armou pen as normal. If a glancing hit is scored one model inside suffers a wound with the Ignores Cover special rule (no cover save). If you get a penetrating hit a model suffers a wound as per a glancing hit, furthermore role on the building damage table D6 with modifiers(flamers: if a fire point of the building falls under a flamer the unit suffers D6 hits and the building also suffers a hit. Grenades are also very effective, long rules for them. Grenades are much more useful in 6th)

Building damage table:
1. Breach (AV of building reduced by 1 all round)
2. Tremor (unit inside fires snap shots)
3. Partial collapse (unit suffers D6 S6 ap- hits, ignores cover)
4. Structural collapse (unit suffers 2D6 S6 AP- hits, ignores cover, one weapon destroyed)
5. Catastrophic breach (Reduce all AV by D3, destroy one weapon)
6. Total collapse (unit suffers 2D6 S6 AP-, ignores cover. Survivors must disembark,building can no longer be occupied, impassable terrain, all weapons destroyed)
7. Detonation (unit suffers 4D6 S6 AP-, ignores cover, nearby units suffer S4 AP- for each model within D6”, Survivors must disembark,building can no longer be occupied, impassable terrain, all weapons destroyed)

There are more rules regarding assaulting buildings/fortifications that I won’t go into, but I expect to see more use of buildings in 40K

Close Combat Charts
Close combat Weapon skill chart is the same

Moving through terrain:
Different unit types have different rules of course. I am only discussing infantry unless otherwise stated

Roll 2D6 and select highest, this is maximum distance. If a model starts or moves through difficult terrain then they are effected

Charging through difficult terrain has different rules

Models in a unit moving:
It is possible (e.g. heavy weapons squad) to declare at the start of the movement phase that certain models in the unit are not moving and others are. In this case, don’t move the models you said were remaining stationary and they count as stationary for purposes of firing, whereas the models that moved count as moving. Coherency must still be observed.

on what I said before. Seeing as there has been a lot of confusion I am spelling it out as simply as I can

choose the model closest to the firing unit.

this model then takes a wound and rolls a save

if failed the models wounds are reduced by 1

if the models wounds reaches 0 it is removed as a casualty

If the model still has more than 1 wound it takes another wound

this continues until the closest model either dies or the wounds left to be allocated are exhausted

The next closest model then takes a wound and the process is repeated

This process occurs regardless of majority armour save/wargear or any other consideration (“look out sir” is an exception that I will write up later)

Close Combat
it works the same in CC. "wounds are allocated and resolved starting with the closest model, just like in the shooting phase"

as models are in base to base there will be ties in which model is closest - a wound must be allocated to enemy models in base to base at the same initiative step, if there is more than one candidate, controlling character decides. If there is no models in base to base at that initiative step the wound is allocated to the next closest enemy model. If several enemies tie than controlling player chooses

I think that is as clear as I can make it. If you want to ask questions you can but as I said before the more questions you ask the less likely I am to respond. Otherwise just wait for the book, it’ll be out soon, and if it’s anything like 5th ed even when we all have the rulebook in front of us we’ll still disagree on wound allocation :D.

I will write about missions soon. Any questions posted before I post about missions will not be answered.
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