There has been tons of speculation on when the full image is to be revealed, and this morning we have a little hint on that time frame. In fact, the correct term is.... "wait a couple months because something magical is going to happen". Lets take a look at the latest word.

Please note that any projection of a date for the image being complete is still a rumor. However any little hint to a time frame, especially when its not that far out, is good news.

via Alarum
I just talked to GW customer service in Australia regarding the DA picture on the June spine. Mine has the same picture as the May WD and all the copies in my area have the same mistake. He put me on hold to talk to the "White Dwarf team" and said if I wanted the full picture I just had to "wait a couple of months because something magical is going to happen" I asked the 6th ed and DA Codex questions and got the usual "I dont know anything" response.
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