This week we have a fun Artist Showcase here on Faeit 212. Although he claims to not have a very high painting skill, his models come out fantastic, breath taking in fact. After checking these out, definetly follow the links over to his site, and check out what Valknut has to offer.

This hobby is about many things, but one of the few things it is not often called is art. By any terms of work, or artistic creativity, there are many Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy models found throughout the world that are pure artwork at its finest. From painting, sculpting, and to customization, this hobby produces some of the best, and this is their showcase.

 Hello everyone!
My name is Matteo Bordino, I'm from Genoa, Italy. I started painting 20 years ago, and I've always painted with basic techniques. Some years ago I came into contact with some modellers of military vehicles, which use techniques of painting completely different than what I've always used, and they taught me a lot of interesting tricks.

For example, I started to use lots of oil colors, airbrushes, and different types of pigments that can be mixed with PVA glue or water resin, and create fantastic effects. especially for me that I play warhammer 40k with the Death Guard.

My level of painting is not very high, also 'cause I prefer to convert the miniatures rather than paint them. But day by day, with a little 'patience, we are all able to enhance our capabilities.

This is my blog
I update it often, I still have many photos to post, and here you can also see videos of how I converted some miniatures.

Thanks to all for reading and have fun!
Matteo "valknut"

My suggestion; head on over and see his latest project. Join the site and become a follower.

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