Some of the latest talk regarding 6th edition rules is here. Of course there is mention of an August Daemon wave as well. So take a look.

Out of these, I was caught off guard a little by the vehicle weapon skills. It took me a few moments as to why they have one.

Please remember that these are rumors, and rumors always need to be taken with a little salt.

via Whitehat
Plastic Plaguebearers & Nurglings, Finecast Blue Scribes in August (amongst what Im presuming is that metal daemons will be released with Finecast Versions.)

Finecast will replace all metal models in the next year (unsure if that means specialist)

6th ed - a few morsels
Random Charges are 2D6 pick the highest (unless going through Difficult Terrain where its 3D6 and you drop the highest.) Move through cover I believe adds an extra D6

Vehicles are WS0 if stationary, and WS1 if they move, no matter how far they go.

Vehicles go the same distance in the movement phase (I believe 6" and fire everything regardless if fast or not) but in the shooting phase can make an extra move (apparently some kept forgetting what vehicles moved to fast to fire...

Vehicles cannot contest (unsure if scoring units in transports can

6 Missions and 3 deployment types (2 of the deployments are the same as current, Spearhead & Pitched Battle.)

Troops are the only ones that can score (including of course 'scoring units')

5+ Cover save for most things including ruins.

Allies rules are in, but its meant to be for team games (ie separate force org chart, distrusted ally rules similar to Fantasy)

Percentages are *not* in

Wound Allocation is closest to furthest.

Dueling is similar to challenges in fantasy but contrary to earlier rumors, they don't replace Combat res, just add to sides. A IC can challenge another IC in the same combat even if not in base to base. If the defending IC refuses, he simply cannot attack that turn, if he does he counts as being in b2b and no one else can hurt him apart from the attacking IC. I'm guessing this is to offset the Wound Allocation rules

Preferred Enemy is including shooting and you may reroll wound rolls of a 1 (either shooting or combat)

Rapid Fire weapons may now can shoot at long range while moving. restriction on assaulting after rapid firing remains.

Jump Infantry get a free strike at I10 when they charge into combat

Psychic Power Decks using a dice system similar to Fantasy.

Flyers are in.

FNP drops to 5+ Save.

I'm calling it now - Infantryhammer

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