Someone has nicely allowed us to do a question and answer since they now have the rulebook. So go ahead and ask your questions and he will attempt to answer them as best as he can.......

#1 Rule.... be courtious.
Try and ask questions that will not take a paragraph to answer.

And a serious thanks for taking the time to answer the questions here.

Here are some answers to previous questions that started this thread
Please move these answers to new thread natfka: (currently have no access to comp, writing on phone, will give longer answers this evening(in australia it's lunch))

Instant death, much the same as before
Eternal warrior ignores instant death
No different levels of two abilities

Do not see any particular rules on storm raven will write if I come across anything
what do you want to know about fluff? I haven't had time to read much yet
Master crafted, reeroll one failed roll to hit per turn

Well write all further answers in new thread by natfka. I will write about new mission types tonight cause they interest me, (there are six)
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