Here is a nice rumor set detailing some of the rules we have been discussing. It also looks like those that were declaring Power Weapons to be AP3 were wrong (BoW). The next big thing is that the psychic powers that you get out of the rulebook are indeed just minor powers that you get in addition to the ones you purchase in your codex. I know this was something we discussed here previously on Faeit 212. (there are counter rumors to this though, I will be posting later)

So a Lot of details are coming in fast regarding the new rulebook, and I hear my supplier already has my order. Need to make that call to verify.... Other cool things, are aegis defense lines, are very cheap pt wise.... Looks like time to pick one up or make some of my own.

One other thing incase you don't read between the lines.... Tau Firewarriors, Rapid Fire is now half range, which means extended 15" rapid fire, just like back in the day.

via Eldargal
New source of allegedly confirmed rumours here:
[10:35:09] Ok
[10:35:13] so GW is spoilin 6E
[10:35:15] over the phone
[10:35:23] allies chart is in for sure, a matrix
[10:40:13] you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army
[10:40:26] then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army
[10:40:31] then may take other slots
[10:45:49] it's still move shoot assault
[10:46:01] "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit
[10:46:20] BS1
[10:46:58] no template or blast
[10:47:32] someone gimme a BoLS link so I can confirm/deny ****
[10:48:04] "schools of psychic powers"
[10:48:11] not sure if its random though
[10:50:44] these psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers
[10:51:11] so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex
[10:52:25] premeasure all the time
[10:52:40] random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops
[10:53:05] jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack
[10:53:35] for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe
[10:53:41] he only got to look at the book for an hour
[10:53:46] to "pick topics for customers"
[11:00:13] 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones
[11:00:23] primary and 3 secondary objectives
[11:00:28] vps for objectives
[11:00:35] source
[11:00:37] you have the book?
[11:00:45] oh, over the phone
[11:00:48] yeh
[11:01:02] "first blood" = 2nd objective
[11:01:09] worth 1 vp
[11:01:37] any questions chip?
[11:01:42] I got him for like 10 mins more maybe ;p
[11:01:50] can special characters be brought as allies
[11:02:07] he didn't see any limit on it no
[11:02:25] no more dawn of war, no more spearhead
[11:02:41] one is like triangles
[11:02:44] cleanse 2?
[11:02:47] vehicle damage chart info?
[11:03:13] as in?
[11:03:27] 1's stacking to destroyed? hull points?
[11:03:30] either/or/and
[11:04:20] short edge to short edge deployment type
[11:04:21] lol
[11:04:52] no ****ing way
[11:05:13] Can you get info about different CCW AP values
[11:05:20] he didn't look at that
[11:05:26] I did ask, there is somethin about CCWs
[11:05:37] power weapon is AP2
[11:06:35] You sure about that? Pretty confident people said AP3
[11:07:45] there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed
[11:08:03] 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam
[11:08:25] he didnt seen an immobile on the chart
[11:08:42] he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"
[11:09:20] oh crazy
[11:10:05] terrain is a part of the FoC
[11:10:13] aegis defense line 50pts
[11:10:27] cover is 5+
[11:11:18] wow
[11:11:21] thats way cheaper than i thought
[11:11:39] any example psychic powers?
11:12:31] nope
[11:12:42] "fortifcation FOC slot"
[11:13:09] 1 per game
[11:14:38] so no tables full of terrain
[11:15:57] err sorry 1 per player per game
[11:16:25] rapid fire is half range not 12"
[11:17:47] oh interesting
[11:17:51] rapid fire isnt limited by movement
[11:17:52] but aren't rapid fire guns 24"
[11:17:55] so half range is 12"
[11:18:09] snapshot is also for HWs that have moved
[11:18:52] wait, so you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot?
[11:19:06] yes
[11:19:10] BS1
[11:19:22] heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1
[11:20:54] thats insane

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