This week has been a busy one, there are rumors for almost every 40k army out there, from Tau, Eldar, to the obvious Chaos Marines. Of course the biggest thing of the week, is an official teaser from Games Workshop for 6th Edition. You can't really top that for the week of news and rumors.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

6th Edition is Here!
This place is going to go crazy, if it has not already. There are tons of rumors coming from all directions, and they are all over the place, and are now sometimes more than I can often get to in a timely manner. I expect to start hearing leaks of information coming out, and I will be here to get it. I am back on caffiene for the next couple weeks, so buckle up and get ready.

The teaser by Games Workshop was a nice surprise. I am sure we will get new information from GW this week. At least another teaser.

Chaos Space Marines
This is the codex that I have been waiting for. With or without legion specific rules, I will get this codex. I would love to get specific rules for legions, as I am partial to them, but a codex diving straight into the cults and chaos marines in general written by Phil Kelly will be quite the good codex.

I am sitting on a rumor set for Monday morning, so look forward to that, it will breathe some life back into at least one unit no one really uses, and a special character update that will guarantee us seeing him on the tabletop in the near future.

Even without direct rules for each legion as the latest rumors have said, it does not prevent you from playing your legion within the upcoming codex. I sincerely would like to have them though, even if they are through a White Dwarf update.

Rumor Sources (Grant vs theDarkGeneral)
This week we I posted up with Grant saying the theDarkGeneral was wrong about legion rules being in the new Chaos Marine codex. Even though it was in the conversation between Grant and I, I probably should of not posted that simply because of its added drama. Whether or not some one's rumors are wrong or not, will be easily seen in the near future. I know Grant has said many times that there are no legion rules in the codex. This does not mean that legion armies will not be playable, it just means there are no special rules for them in the new codex.

theDarkGeneral has his own set of sources, and his are telling him that legions are in the codex. Even if they are not in the codex, I understand that his sources are play testers etc, and feed him the information.  So are they really testing the new codex? or a near future update that could easily be done in white dwarf. the previous post was not meant as a slight to a source of rumors. Anyone that has the guts to stick their head out in this hobby and declare "I have a rumor", has a certain level of respect from me. Is there legions in the codex? theDarkGenerals sources tell him yes.

In my own opinion, from talking to Grant, and a few other people (there is more than one person I discuss rumors with offline), I do think Grant's rumors are on the right path. For those with doubts....I am sure he is not allowed to take the codex with him, so its not like he is going to translate the info to me right out of the codex. I get what is allowed for me to get, and I post it when I am allowed to, and nothing more. Regardless, looking ahead into 6th edition, the doubters will discover if he is accurate or not, simply by reading the usrs in the new rulebook. If the ones he has mentioned are in there, well, you have the answer.

In the end... rumors are still rumors until we get the book in our hands. All I can do to help us navigate them, is to post what I can, and try and keep the drama out of it.

How To Sculpt
The tutorials by Mr. Pink are going to be going up on the page tab at the top of the site, as soon as I can get some sit down time to get it done. They are an excellent source for sculpting, and I for one, am going to be giving it a whirl here in the next few months.

Faeit 212 BlogExchange and Artist Spotlight
This is the first week in a while that I do not have any additions for the exchange, as it stands currently. If you want to get your blog promoted with a blog spotlight Monday afternoon/evening, send me an email. If you are new to the site, follow the link to discover what it is all about.

 The same goes for the Artist Spotlight. It is currently open to whoever is first to send me their photos and quick description. For more details follow the link.

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