Here is a Question and Answer session with someone sitting down with the rulebook. He even answers the "whats on page 42?" question. So check it out, there is quite a bit here, and some of it we aleady know, but its nice to hear it again.

Questions answered via Rixitotal. The questions were from tons of different people. MadCowCrazy from Heresy Online was one, the rest are misc and unfamiliar names. (I didnt look too hard). original post

Battle Brothers: Good can join each others units with IC's and cast psychic powers as if they were friendly.

Allies of convienance: Cant join units or cast friendly powers

Desperate Allies: Have to roll if within 6" of an allied unit. if they roll a 1, they cannot do anything.

Necrons Allies:no battle brothers. allies of conveniance with chaos marines, gery knights (!!), tau and orcs. cant ally with deamons, any eldar or nids. all the rest are desperate allies. Desperate allies with Templars and Blood Angels

-normal one D3 +2 objectives. - one where heavy support can claim objectives and you get extra points for killing heavy support.- same with fast attack. -a kill point one.- one where there is a relic you take and move with thats basically an objective.- and a capture and control-ish one.

Whats on pg 42?
lol 42 has unviersal special rules. skyfire (AA), slow and purposeful, smash, sniper, soul blaze, specialist weapon, spilt fire, stealth and strafing run.

can take an allied detachment or something. must have 1 HQ and 1 Troop, and may have 1 more troop and 1 of each other slot except HQ. there is a table of who can ally with who and how good friends they are. good friends can join each others unit with independent chars and cast physic powers as if they were friendly. middle friends cant do that. and bad friends have to roll at the begging of each turn if they are withing 6, if they roll a 1 they cant do anything. and a lot of armies can ally at all. nids cant ally with anyone.

 What about powers, say a blood angels sanguinary priest with a feel no pain 6" buff. will that work across armies? Even if it specifically says "any friendly units" for some armies? Or have GW gone down the "nope, separate for all" route?
probs one for the FAQ, allies specifically talks about physic powers. ps FnP is now 5+.

you get FnP against anything that dosnt cause instant death.
power swords are AP 3. Axes +1 S, AP2 and make you I 1. then there are mauls and spears that are lame.
it says any power weapons unspecified you must look at the model and see what they have for what kind of power weapon they have.

You still cannot assault out of deepstrike correct? Turn order is the same?
yea thats all the same.

Has fearless changed when you lose a combat? So no more lots of wounds taken when you lose a combat just because you're not scared of anyone?
hmmmm just says they pass moral tests... i can find anything anywhere that says they take extra wounds.... holy crap!

What are the rules for infantry types (jump, MC, etc.)?
What is the deal with charges?
What does preferred enemy do?
Hull points?
jump move 12, re roll charge dice (2D6) get a impact hits (called hammer of wrath). bikes turbo boost in shooting phase 12 (jet bikes 24, eldar jetbikes 36!!! for a total of 48inch move in 1 turn). charges are 2D6, and u can overwatch against it witch is every model gets to shoot at BS1 except heavy weapons. preferred enemy is reroll all hits and wounds that roll a 1, from shooting and combat!!! hull points are taken off by glancing hits. all gone = wreck. most vehicles have 3. land raider have 4, vipers have 2.

cover is 5+ sorry, ruins is 4+, most everything else is 5+ including shooting through troops. but you only need to have 25% hidden or troops or tanks to get cover.

How does wound allocation work for multi wounded models and different wargear on such models?

closest to furthest. wargear makes no difference.

Has the turn order changed or is it still Move->Shoot->Assault? What is the terrify USR that Chaos Daemons get now?
turns are the same. and its fear for demons. its a LD test or become WS1. fearless units and know no fear and immune to it.

Can units that have successfully completed an assault consolidate into a new combat?

Does assaulting into difficult terrain still reduce initiative to 1?
no cant consolidate in to new enemies. and yea makes the assaulting unit I 1.

runs do disallow assaults. fleet dosnt overcome this but lets you reroll your charge. ill have a crack at tables in a bit. yea chars and snipers that roll a 6 to hit can allocate the wound to a legal model. no changes to deep strike except the new (nicer) table.

Assulting through cover: roll and extra dice and take away the highest. and then you are I 1 unless you have assault grenades then its normal I order.

runs do disallow assaults. fleet dosnt overcome this but lets you reroll your charge. ill have a crack at tables in a bit. yea chars and snipers that roll a 6 to hit can allocate the wound to a legal model. no changes to deep strike except the new (nicer) table.

whats with shooting with vehicles? is it still one weapon and all defensive weapons?
its basically the same except any weapons you could not have previously shot can be snap shotted, so hit on a 6+.
How does the USR rage work now? Any changes allowing u control would make death companies viable if not a bit beast.

rage is ONLY +2 attacks on the charge. Death company are amazing now.

Are there any changes to Force Organisation? If so, what?
at 2000 pts you can take 2 FoCs. and 1 fortification slot. aside from that not much.

Another wound allocation question. In a multi armoured unit (think terminator wolf guard leading a power armoured wearing squad).
How does the wound thing work?
Is it the terminator 2+ save over and over until he finally dies then the rest of the squad? Or is it still a majority armour save applying?
no you take the armour save of the closest model if its different until he dies. but chars transfer it to the squad before armour saves one a 2+ so no having 1 wolfgaurd in termie Armour protecting a whole squad.

all things on flying bases are flyers as far as i can see. storm ravens are listen under the vanilla space marine section also!!!!!

Can a model still only make one save? What about ICs?
yup one save. except FnP of course

How fast can a vehicle move before passengers are unable to shoot from it?

Was the to hit chart rumors true? bs3 hitting moving infantry on 4+ and stationary tanks on 2+ etc
no thats not in it anywhere. you hit the same as 5th

play a Thunderwolf list and was wondering with the random charge distance will they then get a 12" movement? Also, are there any rule changes with Beasts and Cavalry other than that? Thanks
yea move 12, then assult 2D6 rerolling cos of fleet.

What do you need to hit a vehicle in CC depending on how far its moved.

3+. but u cant attack zooming flyers in combat at all.

Any changes to instant death or do multi-wound models like battlesuits and nid warriors still get gibbed by missiles?
its the same, double S is insta death.

Do buildings have Hull Points? Can beasts go into buildings? Template Weapons, how are they fired? Reserve Rolls? 3+ Turn 2? 2+ Turn 3? Automatically come in Turn 4?

yea they have hull points. the rest is all the same as 5th

Does relentless do anything other than allow units to assault after firing rapid fire? Extra shots? anything?
no, just can move and shoot and shoot and assult with heavy and rapid fire weapons.

What are the rules for fortification slot? Is there a point limit? What are some options and their relative point cost to each other?
all the fortifcation stuff already has a GW terrain model. teh walls are 50pts. bastion 75, and the big darkangel fort, yes the massive one is over 200.

Still hit a vehicle in the rear armour in close combat? A power axe might be a fairly decent anti vehicle weapon if so.

Can you double check the power axe? Is it minus 1 to Initiative or is it specifically I1? Request from warseer.
has the unwieldy rule same as a powerfist. make you I 1. and yes still rear Armour.

Can you ally with yourself to expand your FOC?
no you may not. but at 2000 pts u get a second FOC if u want it

When you perform Overwatch, is it possible to kill enough models so they dont actually make the distance into CC with you?

If 2 or more units charge 1 unit, can you overwatch both of them? If 4 units charge 2 units, can both units shoot each unit or is it limited to 1 charging unit only?
Any change to Swarms? Still double wounds from blast and template?
swarms are the same.
you over watch first and take from teh front. so yea can affect assults. only 1 over watch a turn.

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