One of the advantages of Faeit 212 is that we have a good solid reader base, and we have some great discourse in the comment sections of posts here. They not only help us figure out the rules as they will appear in the rulebook, but help us decipher the bits of information we are getting from the White Dwarf/ videos etc.

We have an very astute and not overly dramatic reader base, and I love to pull out comments on occasion. These are very helpful and come to us from Trent.

via trent
Psychneuein Hive (mysterious terrain effect)
For clarification Archeotech Artefact is classified as 'Mysterious Terrain' and doesn't automatically cause that effect.

You roll a D6 on a chart to discover what conditions are triggered the first time the terrain piece is entered.

ONE (of the six) results you can get is the unit has disturbed a Psychneuein Hive - those little pixie chaps that DE Haemonculi use to eviscerate victims.

All Bikes and Landspeeders DO NOT get the benefit of a 'Jink' save.

It is a special rule that Ravenwing had in every edition codex until the last one. It looks like with the upcoming 6th Ed FAQ and Codex:Dark Angels they will FINALLY get it back and have an advantage over other bikers again!

Flyers Evade
"Fliers can chose to Evade when shot at giving them a 5+ cover save, but can only Snap Fire during their next shooting phase. Can leave the board and return from reserves."

Not entirely correct.
Fliers can chose to evade shots...FROM OTHER receive a 5+ cover save, but can only Snap Fire during their next shooting phase.

This is just one of the several elements to the 'dogfighting' concepts involving flyers in 6th edition.

Jetbikes and Jetpacks
In 6th edition Jetbikes and Jetpacks lose the flat 6" move in the assault phase.
It is replaced with a 2d6" move.
It DOES NOT allow the unit to avoid charges.
It DOES NOT allow the unit to leave combat. That is what the 'Hit and Run' rule is for.

It is simply a 2d6" move in the assault phase after firing.
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