Around the world, 6th edition rulebooks are now said to be sitting in warehouses ready to send the merchandise to retailers on July 5th, with a release set for July 7th. Check out the latest on the next big release for Warhammer 40k.

Please remember that these are still rumors. We should be hearing something in the next two weeks as pre-orders get close.

via Larry Vela on BOLS
Latest word from the schedule - logistics side of things regarding 6th edition...
Birdies are chirping...
-Rulebooks are said to have arrived and are in warehouses now worldwide.

-Retailers will receive their merchandise on July 5th, with a public streetdate of Saturday July 7th.

The only question is exactly what date the price codes and pre-orders go up, but it will sometime in the second half of June. If Games Workshop sticks with their standard "10 day notice" , it would place the 6th Edition advanced orders on June 27th.
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