On Faeit 212 we had an all night QnA session with the new 6th edition rulebook, and it went off very well. It got a little cumbersome to read through as we went through well over 250 questions and answers, so I figured it was time to do a summary of what was gleaned through it.

I want to give a huge thanks, to anyone with the book that chimed in, and also to our "will remain anonymous" source who gave up a lot of time and effort to help us discover what is in the book. I know how hard that was, and I am sure his head was swimming after only a few short hours, and he went much longer than that. Great Stamina!

Please do not ask more questions here, this is for comments on what we learned already. If our source wants to do another QnA session, I will make one available for him. (same for other people with the book)

Here is the start of it.........

flyers can move at "zoom" speed and "hover" speed

zooming flyers can shoot up to four weapons at full BS if they move at combat/cruising speed. this is at ground targets
shots shot at skimmers must be "snap shot" which are hit on 6s unless you have the "skyfire" special rule
"skyfire": normal BS when shooting skimmers and flying MCs and skimmers snap shots against all other targets

MCs or jump infantry assaulting fliers. (I was sad when I read this :( ) - in fact I can't even see a way for flying MCs to get skyfire so they aren't even more effective at shooting flyers !!!

flyer rules say that "a zooming flyer cannot be assaulted" so I will assume that they cannot :(

Template, vlast and large blast weapons cannot hit flyers in zoom mode"
- I guess that solves that problem

the stormraven gunship is listed as a spacemarine vehicle in the appendix
it is also listed as BS4 AV12 all round HP 3, flyer, hover, transport

"shots resolved at a zooming flyer can only be resolved as Snap shots"
"If a model...snap shots...it's ballistic skill is counted as being 1 for the purpose of those shots"
(are you thinking marker lights to increase BS? If so I guess they would work along with any other BS boosting ability)

fortifications are deployed after mission type and deployment type are chosen, but before other terrain is placed. Fortifications are placed on your table half (not deployment zone) more than 3" from another fortification, starting with the player who chose table halves. It is worded in such a way that implies in the future some armies may be able to take more than one fortification slot.....

there are a few fortification types mentioned, all are imperial, (however the video implied you can "loot" imperial buildings for xenos armies) and also it says - check future white dwarfs and our web site for rules for future fortification types

All the gw kits have rules ie bastion, fortress of redemption etc.
Not faction specific. So build or modify your own tau or necron bastion as you see fit within commonsense "counts as" guidelines, of course.

the rulebook is remarkably silent as far as I have read on weather something is faction specific/build your own. All they have said is that more will be released in WD and on their web site)

Fortification listed in rulebook are:
Aegis defense line, Skyshield landing pad, Imperial bastion, Fortress of Redemption. All with appropriate and interesting special rules

Monstrous Creatures
confirmed MCs are AP2 (unless using AP1 weapon). can also perform "smash" attack - half attacks, double strength to maximum of 10. furthermore model making a smash attack can re-roll armour penetration rolls. Interestingly MCs no longer re-roll 2D6 armour penetration as far as I can see

on a related note (as I play nids) Furious charge is now +1S, but no I boost, and poison has been reworded to be "wound on a fixed number... unless a lower result would be required" so my trygons are dropping adrenals and taking up poisoned.... opposite of 5th

I do not see any way in which flying MCs/jump infantry can assault flyers unfortunately
Flying MCs that make a "swoop" move (as oppose to a "glide" move - similar to zoom move, can fire up to two weapons as per normal

Are Flying MCs able to use their new "Vector Strike" against flyers/other vehicles? Also, does Vector Strike dole out AP2 wounds?
YES!!!!! - so that's how flying MC's can hurt flyers!!! :D
See this is good for me too, thanks Muninn, you're a thinker :D
you make D3+1 hit, unmodified strength and AP 3 (not 2:( ). against vehicles these are resolved against side armour. a model who has made a vector strike counts as having shot one weapon, however you can choose a different target for your other weapon in the shooting phase

winged MCs are not flyers, they are "flying MCs" which have their own rules

2 phases; charge and fight
resolve the charge phase for each unit before you move on to fight phase

charge phase:
- pick a unit and declare unit it wishes to charge (also declare if multi-assaulting)
- each enemy unit nominated can resolve Overwatch fire (only once per turn, Snap shot, cannot cause morale or pinning tests)
- roll for range (usually 2D6 but theres a table for every different unit type)

- choose a combat to resolve ( the player whose turn it is decides)
- declare a challenge (move models base to base)
- starting at I10 and complete for each initiative step
- Pile in moves
- engaged models resolve attacks (roll to hit, roll to wound/armour penetration)
- resolve a challenge
- determine assault results - side that caused the least unsaved wounds loses. must take a morale check - no mention of fearless wounds - I believe it no longer exists - if losing side fails morale, then fall back and sweeping advance. If passes, continue on. If you cannot hurt the model you are in combat with you can elect to automatically fail morale check (fearless can't do this)
- consolidate D6

overwatch are: once per turn per unit, can't do if locked in combat, can't cause morale/pinning tests, shots fired can only be snap shots (BS1). they must also follow all other rules for shooting (line of site, cover, etc) so there are no directional restrictions

Pistols do not provide any additional bonuses in CC.
But taking the new "snap shot" rule into account, it could help in holding off an attack when you are being charged
Master crafted, reeroll one failed roll to hit per turn

gets hot will now give a vehicle a glancing hit on a to hit of one and a further role of 1, 2 or 3
If a model has the ability to re-roll it only suffers a wound if the re-roll is also a 1.

1. How are blast weapons fired. exactly as before

2. for flyers:any model within suffers a S10 hit with no armour saves allowed
"any models within suffer a S10 hit with no armour saves allowed"

for skimmers: no information listed under skimmer, will follow rules for normal transports I assume which are;unit suffers S4 AP- hits equal to number of models

3. twin linked blasts: you may reroll the 2D6 and scatter dice
twin linked templates: may reroll to wound and armour pen rolls

4. To hit chart not changed

template and ordnance, blast cannot be fired as snap shots, any weapon that does not use ballistic skill (e.g. monolith portal) cannot be snap fired

Sniper weapons:
rolls to hit of 6 are "precision shots" (you can choose how to allocate within unit)
always wounds on a 4+
Against vehicles sniper weapons are S3
Sniper weapons also have pinning and rending
So as I read max armour penetration is 3+D3=6

Melee Weapons
if unspecified: S: user AP: -
chainsword: S:user AP: -
Eviscerator S: x2 AP:2 USR:armourbane(2D6 armour pen), two handed, unwieldly (I1 unless walker/MC)
Heavy chainsword: S: +2 AP: 5 USR: two-handed
choppa not mentiond mandrake weapon not mentioned - therefore uses codex rules unless "generic CC weapon" in which case as above

S: User AP: - USR: Fleshbane(wounds on 2+), armourbane (2D6 armour penetration)

Lightning Claws
S: user AP: 3 USR: shred (reroll wounds), specialist weapon (need to have another specialist weapon to get +1 attacks) - the way I read this you could give them a lightning claw and a thunder hammer and still get +1 attack

Relic Blades
no mention of Relic Blades in the rulebook. As such they follow the rules in the codex I assume (I don't actually know the rules for relic blades off the top of my head)

a model fighting with this weapon never gains a bonus for having two weapons

No other generic bonuses/rules, although most two handed weapons have other bonuses specific to the weapon
power klaw and power fist are identical despite different entries

can never move faster than combat speed, can't move flat out (6" max move - yes 6, not 12)
for shooting, allways considered as having remained stationary (i.e. can move and shoot barrage, use full BS on all shots, etc...)

move normally for a vehicle of their type, if skimmer, can also make sweep attacks (3+/4+ depending on speed, chance to deal a melee attack for each attack in profile to a unit that you pass over during movement i.e. can do a melee attack in movement phase then disapear before retaliation)

shot same as other vehicles, rider cannot be individually targeted
can declare a charge - rider is considered to be in base to base with all models in base to base with the chariot, can strike and be struck as such, cannot be locked in combat, can't do a challenge
+1 to armour saves
crew is considered part of the chariot, can't attack, etc (basically ignored) Rider is fearless, can cause "Hammer of wrath" ->impact hit but gets D6 attacks resolved at S6 AP- (as oppose to 1 at user S)

1)searchlights used AFTER firing all weapons, can then choose to illuminate target, if so also illuminates self. Illumination lasts until the end of following turn. Illuminated units gain no benefit from night fighting special rule. (I assume this means that if a target is illuminated it doesn't get shrouded at 24-36" (+2 to cover save) or stealth at 12-24" (+1 cover save)

as a side note: extra armour gives crew stunned to crew shaken, not extra hull points. and vehicles are easier to hide (only need 25% of facing side to be obscured)

flyers can choose to use skyfire special rule at the start of shooting phase (i.e. normal BS for flyers, 6s for gorund)

standard: 6" combat, 12"cruising, 6" flat out (if a vehicle moves cruising can only snap fire, combat can fire single weapon at BS, others as snap shots)

Fast: 6" combat, 12" cruising, 12" flat out (combat speed can shoot as stationary, cruising can shoot two weapons at full BS and others as snap shot)

As Jink is a cover saver, yes it stacks with nightfighting

open topped vehicles: can be assaulted out of as in last edition

Bikes/Jump Infantry
if you charge a model behind a barricade/aegis defense line, you must take a dangerous terrain test.
Hammer of wrath (attack at I10 on charging), Jink(+5 cover if moving, 4+ if turbo boost), relentless
bikes turbo boost 12", jetbikes 24", eldar jetbikes 36"
otherwise no changes I believe

Bikes are still relentless and +1Toughness

Psychic Powers
Beam psychic power type: choose a point within range. draw a line 1mm thick between that point and middle of psyker base. first model hit at full S. next model at S-1, etc. Buildings take a hit as if it were another model and beam still continues. ruins/wall reduce beam strength by one as if they had taken a hit and beam continues. Friends and foes can be struck by said beam
perils of the warp: double 1s or double 6s. 1 wound with no saves of any kind allowed. double 1s still pass
no you do not. specifically states deny the witch does not work on force weapons. in addition deny the witch only works on offensive powers that target enemy units. Your enemy cannot deny the witch if the power targets your own squads.
as psychic hoods now only augment deny the witch by allowing all units within 6" take the psykers deny the witch roll, this means that augmentative psychic powers are AWESOME I reckon.

and on that note, alot of the "divination" powers are similar to the eldar powers, so you won't need to take eldrad as an ally to augment vect or anyone else for that matter....

"The Force USR (pg37) says they do, so long as the psyker expends a warp charge and passes a psychic test. No Deny the Witch saves vs this either.

Relentless models shoot; heavy, salvo and ordnance weapons counting as stationary even if they moved. They are also allowed to charge in the same turn they fired heavy, ordnance, rapid fire and salvo

Instant death, much the same as before
Eternal warrior ignores instant death
No different levels of two abilities

FNP saves are taken after saves, invul included (so yes you can take both).
FNP cannot be made against unsaved wounds that inflict instant death but there are no restrictions for AP1-2 weapons
Deepstrike mishaps are now 1: Destroyed, 2-3: misplaced, 4-6: delayed

set up the same
"a unit that deploys using these rules cannot charge in the first turn" --> bummer!!!!
IC can join infiltrators during deployment and infiltrate with them (even if they do not have infiltrate)
otherwise I believe it is the same

Acute senses: re roll if you arrive on a random table edge (outflank included)

outflank: I can't see any major changes

scout: infantry, artillery, walker and MC redeploy within 6", others redeploy within 12". Must remain 12" away from enemies. cannot charge in first turn. Otherwise the same (I believe)

Move through cover: role an extra D6 when rolling to move thorugh difficult terrain, pick the highest. Automatically pass dangerous terrain tests (!!) has no affect on charge or impact tests

as stated by others FNP does not work on force weapons as =instant death
I cannot think of any ways that we can manipulate things pro tyranids yet (although trust me I'm thinking about it, they're my army!) - although the changes to dangerous terrain and night fighting are massive boosts for venomthropes (I can explain my thoughts more if you're interested :D)

I have looked over it though and I can see no limitations on special characters named/independant or otherwise.

interestingly even battle brothers (best tupe) cannot embark in allied transports although they act as friendly/models of same army for practically everything else (i.e. IC joining and psychic powers)

If special characters can be used as allies? can you benefit from there special rules such as fateweaver letting you re-roll saves?
1) yes
2)if you are battle brothers yes, any other type of ally - no

Allies: one allied detachment per primary detachment (so at 2000 points where you can take two primary detachments, if you take a second primary detachment you can also take a second allied detachment, although as you can imagine this will chew up a lot of points)

There is no indication that this is not for normal games, so yes this is for standard games

I have come across absolutely no indication of forgeworld except that some of the army pictures have forgeworld models

Wound allocation:
choose the model closest to the firing unit. this model then takes a wound. if it passes it takes another wound, this continues until that model fails. his wounds are reduced by one. If this reduces his wounds to 0 he is removed as a casualty. you then pick the next closest model to the firing unit and repeat the process. This process is essentially the same if you have different armour saves/toughness/wargear/weapons. So it is the closest model that matters. So potentially one model could take 20 wounds for an entire squad - go space wolf terminator squad leaders...
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