The Warrior's Code for Games Workshop events at Warhammer World have been updated. These are a set of rules that are allowed for their tournaments and events. We saw briefly yesterday that the update was coming, and today its there for everyone to see.

There is something odd though, that kind of surprised me.

What surprised me is not that Forgeworld models are allowed, as that was obvious that this was coming to 40k, but that the experimental rules were allowed. I had thought those would not be, relying instead upon the Forgeworld books, instead of just the experimental pdfs.

Here is the verbage used in the Warrior's Code. Also a link so you can check it yourself.
1. All your miniatures have been produced by Games Workshop (Citadel, Forge World or Warhammer Forge).

5. Your Army List must be selected from a current Games Workshop
publication. The following list of publications are in use at events run
at Warhammer World.

For Warhammer 40,000 Events
• A Warhammer 40,000 Codex and/or Codex
• The Escalation, Death from the Skies and
Stronghold Assault publications
• A Forge World publication (including digital
• Forge World Experimental Rules
• Dataslates
• The “Horus Heresy” publications will only
be in use where the Event Pack specifically
says so.

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