We get these rumors from time to time, and while I generally don't pay much attention to this end of the hobby, I thought I would share since there are just so many changes going on in the hobby right now.

I find this rumor odd, particularly since Games Workshop is a publicly traded company and I have not heard that this happened. So please add quite a bit of salt on these types of rumors. If you go back 3-5 months ago, these rumors were everywhere on the internet, and this bit simply says that something did happen.

Please keep the conversation light on this one, and we will get back to our previously scheduled hobby news and rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Natfka I have had news to report for a few months now and I just can't hold it in any longer.

Ok so here is the news, about a few months ago I was in my local hobby shop when I saw an old friend. He had said that GW had just been bought out by the same corporation that owns Hasbro Toys a few months ago.  I thought I would share seeing as all the changes GW is going through.

Please note that comment section has been removed, simply because many people did not read anything but the rumor, and assumed that I was posting this as news instead of a odd rumor that doesnt make much sense. 

I do on occasion post up some of the off the beaten path rumors I hear or find. Why? Simply because they are out there, and being talked about. Normally the readers here that have been paying attention for the last several years, know this. I always mention that the bit doesn't make sense, and lots of salt should added. 
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