Something big is underway in response to yesterday's semi-annual report and stock losses resulting in what looks like Games Workshop Germany Headquarters is shutting down. US and France will be effected as well. This will place stores under direct leadership of GW UK.

Please remember that this is considered a rumor until we know more information and something official is announced. The origins of this are in German from the site Brueckenkopf online, and I have a translated version of it below.

via Dennis on Brueckenkopf online
As we have just learned that, Games Workshop Germany will shut down and the leadership of the German shops to England.

From this measure are also Games Workshop France and the USA affected. According to our source, the employment contracts of the employees were dissolved in the HQs as a result, with some probably the choice was woks to move or discontinue to UK.

The chain of stores is placed under the direct leadership of Games Workshop UK in Nottingham. Here are sure to report in the next week, the new boss in the stores, as they are currently without contact.

This change was apparently already on 16 January 2014 at the same time implemented with the announcement of the results of the semi-annual report.
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