The first White Dwarf weekly is about to be revealed. Inside are the Dwarven releases of Longbeards and Hammers, as well as a few characters and a special character with rules.

Please remember that until this is released, its considered to be rumors. The first edition is scheduled for February 1st.

via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
I had a chance to flip through the White Dwarf weekly earlier today.  Here is what I can report on:

Dual Longbeard / Hammers box $50.  They look amazing
Belegar Ironhammer (Or Ironbeard, cant remember). $21. Awesome sculpt.
Trollslayer Character $21. Amazing...thought it was Gotrek.

Previews for upcoming novels: Scars (Which was an ebook series) and a few others.

Jervis Johnson article/rule set: Explains Scouting in 40k...reads well, a cool mini-game prior to scout moves.
A Tyranid article
A how to paint guide for the new dwarves (exactly like whats in White Dwarf now)
A how to build guide for the new dwarves (exactly like whats in White Dwarf now)

Rules: Belegar Ironhammer.  These are full rules with point costs!  I won't relay but this guy is cheap for what you get from him.  300+ points, lots of good attacking ability and awesome defense.

I believe there was a battle report as well, I skipped over that part to concentrate on the content.  So besides the new release stuff, it was a nice, slimmed down version of the White Dwarf with useful articles, rules, etc.  Not sure about the price but $4 a week isn't to bad.  And if you don't like the issue, then don't get it! Simple.
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