The schedule for 2014 is taking shape as January comes to a close, and it looks like a lot of the rumors have toned it down some, and adjusted. In this rumored bit, Space Wolves, have been replaced by Blood Angels which has been rumored here on Faeit 212 for several months now.

Please remember that this is a rumor. It does sound very much like what we have been hearing lately.

Dont forget that added to this, we have rumors of two new box sets for Chaos Marines/Chosen and Havoc, a Chaos Marine Supplement hitting in the beginning of Summer, and the the latest rumors have Orks a solid June release.

via Larry Vela on Bols ***
January - Tyranids (Out)
February - Dwarfs (Sighted in the weekly White Dwarf cover)
March - Imperial Knights (Supported with White Dwarf and Dataslate rules support)
April - Imperial Guard (said to be renamed a la the Sister codex to Astra Militarum)
May - Wood Elves
June / July - Orks, Warhammer 40,000 "not 7th" book
July / August - Warhammer Fantasy 9th (book, or boxed set - unknown details)
September - Warhammer 40,000 "not 7th" (Boxed Set)
October - Blood Angels
November - WFB Army (Bretonnia getting the most chatter)
December - Hobbit - Holiday Bundles
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