Hi All, Following Prodigal's introduction here on Faeit 212, I suppose I should equally follow suit and introduce myself as well. Like Prodigal, I have been given the fantastic opportunity to contribute to this site. I am the founder of Unforgiven Studios and a regular attendee of Warhammer World official events.

As a 40k player of 14 years, I have been witness to the continous change that has accompanied our hobby, right from 2nd Edition through to the current incarnation. Having started collecting proper at the dawn of 3rd Edition with an Eldar army, I have now recently returned to the Craftworlds to field a competitive Biel-Tan list.

The content of my posts here will be heavily orientated around Warhammer 40,000, and my first article here will be a review of the Battle Brothers tournament I am attending next weekend, which will be the first official event to allow Escalation, Stronghold Assault and Forgeworld models. I intend to give some insight as to how these recent additions to the Warrior's code will affect to the tournament scene.

Equally I will be covering some of the more tactical aspects of 40k, revealing neat tips and tricks, and also reviewing new codexes with a competitive twist (and some fluffy lists too), starting with the new Tyranid Codex. (I will be unveiling my Hive Fleet Zerus in the coming months, watch this space!)

I hope you all will enjoy reading my articles here on Faeit 212, as much as I will enjoy writing them!

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