Things are changing, and we are only seeing part of it. From what can be used in our games, to magazine publications, and now to how releases are handled. Releases are going to become a weekly thing, instead of monthly.

This will change how we see new releases, and to be honest, I dont have enough information to make judgement on the benefits of it. It could very much mean though that armies can start receiving smaller and more more frequent updates to armies already with codex releases. Only time will tell, and very soon we should start hearing more detailed information.

Please remember that these are considered rumors right now, and there has been no official announcement.

via Tim on Faeit 212
changes at GW - The monthly releases are quartered ;
-One Week Black Library
-One Week Forgeworld
-One Week GW Releases like Models & Codices/Armybooks
-The 4th Week will be like the 3rd Week but other Army/System

The weeks can be every month in a different sequence. Some armies can get two weeks.

via the comment sections here on Faeit 212
no_wegianJanuary 10, 2014 at 2:10 PM
The owner of my FLGS also said the weekly magazine coincides with a change for GW making new releases weekly instead of monthly. Furthermore, he said he will be able to sell/take orders for new releases Friday evenings at 5:00pm CT instead of waiting until Saturday.
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