There are still questions out regarding what and how the new magazines White Dwarf and Warhammer Visions will effect our hobby. The announcement is now official, and now with this, we have some information on how it will effect subscribers.

Please remember that this now official news, but should give us a look at what is going on.

via an anonymous reader here on Faeit 212
Now that there has been an official announcement, some more infomration flowing, and this coming from emails to customers of stores.

Subscribers will be getting a letter, you are correct along with a copy of both the first weekly edition and the monthly one along with it for your viewing as part of the letter. The new weekly edition will sum up the weeks news, have all new articles and contributors and some of the tried and tested ones too, this will range from modelling and painting to battle reports etc!! It will be £2.40 a week, but you can take it and leave it as you want obviously so the cost per month depends on what you want to get!! The digital edition like the paperback will undertake the change but any subscriptions again will stay the same!! Both have painting, gaming and building articles, just the monthly one has more room!!
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