The new rumored site for Games Workshop has been in the rumor mill now for quite a long time here on Faeit 212, and here are other sources from another forum that gives us more traction that this is what is going on.

February is the new magazine changes, March is the new website. Wow, a lot going on.

Just for a heads up for those that follow the site, One of our sources here, Tim, has been saying all these changes are coming for months, and is the same one talking about Forgeworld production changes, and the end of Finecast. That should be some clues to what is going on.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Necronspurs2012 from dakka
The new gw website will launch in march. The Forgeworld, Black Library and GW sites will merge as one under the name of Games Workshop. 

How all books and fw products will be arranged is to be seen. whether all books and novels will be under each army they are about or under a black libary tab and FW products under each army or under a FW tab. 

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