Yesterday we had some Ork playtest rumors, and this is a response we had from one of our sources who helps us stay on track with rumors.

I do not get between rumor sources, I simply report on what is being told to us here and elsewhere in the community. I know the earlier playtest rumors we had, the source definitely believes they are real from conversations. This is an email response to the Ork playtest rumors, from someone who has been helping us stay on track with rumors for a long time here on Faeit 212 with excellent information over the years.

Here is a link to the Ork rumors in question.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via a must stay anonymous source on Faeit 212
Those aren't the ork playtest rules.

The weight in numbers element is a factor for orkz but it's not so casually copied from SoH marines as what your poster sent you.

The actual ork playtest makes orks significantly better.

As for stormboyz as troops: there currently are a number of ways to manipulate the FoC in order to make the book haev multiple builds.  Most of these are based off the existing clanz to help bring back some of that identity.
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