Dwarves are next, and the image released by Games Workshop showing off part of the new weekly White Dwarf reveals the top part of the magazine's cover. Of course from what we can tell, that is definitely a Dwarven head, throne, or some symbol.

Here is a link to the pic from Games Workshop

So what do you think it is? Here are some possibilities as posted up on El Descanso del Escriba

via Luis Ed(Agramar) in the Faeit 212 inbox.
I don`t now if this can interest you but one of my blog's followers said 
that in new WDW 1 we can find a new dwarf character,King Belegar.There are 
some clues in the pic.

via El Descanso del Escriba (translated by google, so its rough)

But commenting that our colleague has bitten my curiosity, I pulled and Catalog Lexicanum. ... and I've noticed two very interesantes.Una things is that there are two characters who are called dwarf Belegar.Los two are kings ... or rather one of them " was "king. One was King Zhufbar and died in battle against the Skaven in recent times and the other is still alive and is king of Karak Eight Picos.Y this, Belegar Ironbeard ( Here comes the second things I noticed ) I think it is has no character figure WFB ... 

They say out in February for WFB Dwarves and if the cover is cut and looks that piece of image ( Detail of banner shows what looks like a dwarf rune and then the name of a dwarf king ) can be said that would be before the confirmation of these three ideas: 
-That the Dwarves out in February 
-That there is a new dwarf special character 
. - ... Or both at the same time 
I bet on the third person. 
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