I have been given permission to post up a preview of the pre-alpha version of the new 40k MMO, Eternal Crusade. A Warhammer 40k MMO has always been something I was interested in, as I would love to see the 40k universe from a first person perspective and was a little frustrated when Dark Millennium went away. So of course any news on a new game catches my attention, and this one takes on the look and feel of the first person shooter Space Marine.

Please remember that this is pre-alpha, and things will only get better from here, graphics, game play, etc.

So check it out the upcoming game Eternal Crusade. Here is a link to MMORPG.com where you can find out even more.

via MMORPG.com
It is approved early footage of the 40K MMO - Eternal Crusade. The team at Behaviour Interactive let us in to play the game and have signed off on us showing the footage. Even GW signed off on it. 

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