The latest of the Dataslates contains both a Datasheet adding Tyrannic War Veterans to the Space Marine codex, and a formation that utilizes this unit along side Stormtalong Gunships. Its now out, and the interactive version of the dataslate is $7.99 and $6.99 for the standard ebook.

This dataslate is a good one, giving Space Marines more tactical options on the tabletop. Lets take a look at the Tyrannic War Veterans first.

Tyrannic War Veterans Squad (new unit)
This is a slightly cheaper (point wise) unit of Sternguard that only have one type of special ammunition available to them (Hellfire Rounds). They receive a couple special rules, including "Avenge the Fallen 1st", which basically gives the unit zealot if the enemy contains any Tyranids. Secondly the unit has preferred enemy Tyranids. Otherwise they take up an elite slot and start at 4 models, but can add up to six additional models to the unit.

Saint Tylus Battle Force (new formation)
This is a good formation that starts off with Chaplain Cassius, 1+ Tyrannic War Veteran Squads, and 0-6 Stormtalon Gunships.

The formation comes with a couple special rules, including Aerial Superiority which gives the stormtalons infiltrate and they dont have to start the game in reserve. If they start on the board, they begin the game in hover mode.

The second special rule that comes with this formation, is Pummelled by Fire. It essentially means that if a stormtalon from this formation hits an enemy unit in the shooting phase, all shots by Tryannic War Veterans in this formation have the ignore cover special rule.

Overall this is an excellent dataslate for Space Marines. It gives very specialized, but new ways to play and build lists with. I could see this working very well with my Imperial Guard. Here is the link for a preview or to order from

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