Earlier we were talking about the rumored release of chapter specific sprues without much detail, and with a little further notice, we have some details that would make a release like this rather fantastic. These look like full on chapter release box kits for your marines, and something that I would love to see.

Chaos Marines would be coming as well.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Tim on Faeit 212
All Chapters specific Sprues will includes 40 Shoulder Pads incl. Tactical, Assault &; Deva Symbols (exception SW, IH &; BA), Tactical & Devastator Symbols to clue on Heavy Weapons molded Shoulder pads, additional Helmets and shields with Chapter markings.

In addition to the above get the Chapters specific Sprues following additional parts:

Ultramarines: Swords in Gladius design

White Scars: Sabers & Shoulder Pads with fur

Ravenguard: Some MkV Helmets

Iron Hands: Bionics (Legs, Arms and other), Shoulder Pads with Markings of 3 Clans and an Two Hand Hammer

Imperial Fists: More Power Fists

Salamanders: Shoulder pads and other parts with Lizard design

Space Wolves: Shoulder Pads with Markings of 4 Great Companies and addition Heads without Helmets

Blood Angels: Heads without Helmets but with "Wild & Angry" faces, some Bitz with phials and additional close Combat Weapons

Dark Angels: Robes, additional Power Swords and some MkII and MkIII helmets

Current additional Sprues will remain. Chaos Space Marines Legions will get such Spures too.
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