Prodigal Here.

I'm finally starting to paint my Deadzone Enforcers and I've come up with what a pretty solid/simple idea:  unique colors for each Enforcer.  I had the idea when I was rooting through my stack of xbox games and came upon my copy of Halo Reach.


I immediately asked myself the obvious question:  why have a uniform scheme across the entire strike force?  After all, that's very 40k.  I have enough of that in my hobby life already.

Plus, a large part of the way you play Deadzone involves each member of your team having a very specific tactical role and rather different rules and equipment.  Often you can't have more than 4-5 Enforcers in a standard 70 point game.  So why not make them all unique characters?  After all, if you play Deadzone as a campaign, they absolutely are characters!  Here is my progress so far:

I'm super excited about this approach and I can't help but think that it would be wonderful if Mantic eventually moved to a more fully customizable Enforcer armor mark system like space marines and spartans have.  Since there is a real difference between all of your models in Deadzone and they are not just treated like squad hit points as in 40k (outside of Kill Team, of course), this could be a really great development and selling point for them in the future.

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