The details are starting to flow for the new Weekly White Dwarf. Great information here on exactly what it is and how much it will cost. Still no word yet on the other larger Warhammer Visions or Visions of Warhammer magazine will be.

Very exciting with lots of changes. Please remember these are considered rumors until we get the official information.

Here is more of the latest information on the changes to White Dwarf

via a must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
White Dwarf Visions (New White Dwarf), is coming soon, February 1st, and there will be new issues every Saturday.
The prices are as follows, and will only be sold at GW Stores and Independents.... no newstands.
- £2.40, €3.20, US$4, CA$5, Aus$6, NZ$7, 25rmb, 12zl, 500¥, 30dkr, 35skr, 35nkr

Whats being revealed is that the magazine will be 32 pages of whats new and exciting in the hobby this week, new reelases and other news. There will also be new features that will include hobby oriented material, like techniques for painting and modeling, and new rules, and new authors.

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