White Dwarf Magazine as a monthly release is no more. Gone and replaced by a new weekly magazine called White Dwarf Visions. There is also a new monthly magazine called 'Warhammer' Visions. This will all happen immediately.

Gone is the iconic White Dwarf magazine, and the announcement is right around the corner coming as of this Saturday.

Two independent sources have confirmed this that have been reliable, but even so, this must remain a rumor until the official announcement.

This looks like a strong move towards the future with more hobby and community oriented material for White Dwarf and new possibilities for a new magazine, which right now we know very little. I will update with more information as I can.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There will be an announcement this Saturday. The monthly White Dwarf magazine is history. There will be a small weekly white dwarf magazine and a new monthly magazine, called "warhammer: visions", 230 pages strong(!!!). This will start in February.

Also there is a meeting in February for every European "black shirt" in England. Maybe for the new GW website, including FW. :)

via a must be kept anonymous source on Faeit 212
As a heads up, you're going to be getting emails about "weekly white dwarf mini magazines."
It's called White Dwarf Visions and it's true.
They will focus on talking about the hobby and community more so than being a sales magazine.

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