Ignore cover and other types rules that effect saves are a hot topic in behind the scenes conversations around here, and finally I have a rumor that brings some of that forward. So is a change to ignore cover coming, and is this geared towards 7th edition?

Now this came around due to the conversation about the Leman Russ Battle Tank conversation from earlier today. Now if you missed this article, you can find it here. Which of these playtesting sets made it to the final copy we can only hope that its a version of the on presented here.
Leman or Lemon Russ? Will the New Codex Kill these Iconic Tanks?

This rumor comes from a set of playtested rules, and gives us some hope for the what is going to happen to the Leman russ. Interestingly enough, a change to ignore cover is listed below, which of course would effect an Executioner Leman Russ and possibly be a sigh of relief for Dark Angel players with a certain vehicle and its plasma weaponry.Removing gets hot from vehicles would be a great change for a rules update (7th edition or whatever we are calling it).

Please remember that this is a rumor and is based off of playtesting material.

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
Regarding the Leman Russ:
Vehicles & Ordnance Weapons: Unlike other units, vehicles can move and fire with Ordnance weapons, but can only make Snap Shots with its other weapons that turn.
A vehicle that remained Stationary can fire all of its weapons, including Ordnance weapons.

An interesting note:
Ignore cover USR: the target receives -2 on it's cover save. Template weapons ignore all cover saves.
Vehicles ignore the "Gets hot" USR.
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