A special forces type of insertion vehicle coming for Vanguard Marines? It sure looks like it. Place it in the Fast Attack slot and make it a dedicated transport option for Vanguards?

The synergy with a vehicle like this works well. Terminators with a Heavy Support Choice dedicated transport, and Vanguards with their own in the fast attack slot, leaving tacticals with their own troop choice dedicated transport.

Please remember that these are rumors.

A note about this bit.........
The discussion was mostly about the new codex, but also about things down the pipeline. (which often appears a year out if based on previous discussions). So where this falls I am not completely sure. This being released on the site was OK'd, but I was not given a time frame for this.

via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212
a AV 12/11/10, 11 transport capacity, skimmer tank, fast attack option with medium weaponry that can be taken as a dedicated transport by vanguard veterans
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