Apocalypse is now up for pre-orders, and with it came one click bundles where you could buy the formations that you wanted for your army with a single click of a button. This was reported last week, and it followed that some of the bundles could be purchased cheaper on the Games Workshop site than what the one click bundles offered.

Examples were the Eldar Windrider Host, which included vipers. Now before Apocalypse, vipers could be purchased individually, or in a box of 3. These actually saved you a little money, and hence created a price discrepancy between the Apoc bundles and what you could buy the same models for.

Well, Games Workshop had a solution or answer to this problem. They simply removed the boxes of 3, and the ones that saved you a little bit, so that the price bundles added up properly. Now I am not going to say this is the best way of doing this, after all I myself bought an old apocalypse 3 basilisks box years ago (it was cheaper than buying three). It is however, an answer.

So these kits that did save you a few bucks are now gone. Its quite unclear if they are gone for good or not, but we must assume that they are. Don't fret, you can still call around and see if any of these kits are your local independents.

Just for clarity, 3 pack bundles of War-Walkers and Artillery are gone as well.

If you missed Saturday's article on this topic, you can get caught up by following the link below

Pricing on Bundles Costing More than the Separate Models
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