Game Workshop has released an ebook version of the Eldar codex, that was released on June 24th. Its funny, that I was just talking to someone that wished Games Workshop would do something like this.

This version of the codex is a 231 page codex, without any of the interactive features and images. It does however appear to have everything in the standard codex, with a larger page number due to size requirements for reading on these different platforms.

A few of the things I like about this.
It works on my iphone.
Appears to have the entire codex in it, including a showcase of citadel miniatures.
Its only $32.99

What this ebook is not.
It is not an interactive ibook. These are also available but cost more, the same as a full color hardcover

So hobbyists..... you wanted your digital edition of a codex to be cheaper than the standard codex, now you have it. No other game company really offers us this many options when it comes to how we want our codex.
Hardcover..... Standard, or Limited Collectors issues
Digital...... Interactive ibook, or standard full ebook version

I would really like to hear from someone that has purchased this, to give us a rundown report on the ebook. I am going to assume that other codices and rulebooks will come out this way, and with all these options. On my end, Well done GW. We wanted options, and you provided.

The digital versions of discussed in this article are available now on itunes.

Thanks to Matt, for bringing this version and release to my attention.
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