Wood Elves will be available later today for pre-release and with that we are looking at some of the rules that are rumored to be there. There are re-rolls of ones for archers, Dryads having a 6+ Ward save and more.

Please remember that these are rumors, and these need a lot of extra salt. I've never heard of a pdf copy.

Please note that these can be seen on El taller de Yila (in spanish) 

via Lord Anathir on Warseer
"Confirmed rumour from a PDF copy"
rumours are not from me, I just copied and pasted from wargamer.au

archers are same as before except they now skirmish and all bows are glade guard longbows; re roll all ones to hit and wound

dryads still skirmish have a 6+ Ward save and can upgrade their unit champion to a treekin - tasty.

Also archers champ has a new optional rule - asrai prowess - which gives them a mini bow of Loren - 3D3 str4 shots once per game - not bad for 25 points !!! "

"Lore attribute is to either move forests or opponents take 2D6 Str 2 KB hits for all opponent units in forests. Match with shadow magic and Ouch! Also interesting on the treemen - all I'll say is Optimus Vine is not far from the truth smile.gif . Old riders are there - but you C&A. Upgrade to stag riders. monstrous Cav - 3 Str 5, move 8. MR 1 and 5+WS"

"12 points for 2Str5 AP attacks with WS5I6 for the glaive unit"
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