Up for Pre-Orders now is the Wood Elf release, armybook, limited edition armybook, a Treeman kit that can be made into Durthu or Ancient Treeman, Araloth, Wardancer Troope, and Shadowdancer.  All of these are available now for pre-order for a release date of May 3rd.

Here is a link to the Wood Elf release.

Warhammer: Wood Elves (Limited Edition)$90
The Wardancer Troupe $62
Durthu/Treeman/Treeman Ancient $61
Warhammer: Wood Elves (Interactive iBooks Edition) $49.99
Warhammer: Wood Elves (English) $49.50
Archaon: Everchosen (Hardback) $30
Araloth $22
Shadowdancer $15
Warhammer Battle Magic: Wood Elves $7.50
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Treeman (Interactive iBooks Edition) $3.99
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