This week we have a full house and then some. Apparently I missed last week's additions, so I am playing catch up. Dont worry if you are not on this list today and have submitted your blog, I am on it, and will make sure that you get up on the next article.

What is the Blog Exchange? It is basically an exchange of blogs on each others blog rolls. Its that simple. The purpose of the Faeit 212 BlogExchange is to generate and promote traffic and new ideas to the wider community of tabletop wargaming blogs around the world.

Here are this week's additions.....

Legion Mk. 1
by Maciej Kaminski
All things Warhammer 

Certs Tabletop
by Certs

by Blaxkleric
Fantasy Historical Miniature Painting

Asgard Wargames
by Memnon
The newest UK independent retailer of wargames, miniatures, role playing books and card games. This blog follows the trials and challenges of setting up a hobby business. 

Imperator Guides
by Learn2Eel

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